Things To Know About A Course in Miracles, Revelations for the 21st Century

These books are an aid to assist and support others in bringing about a transformation in their lives based on spiritual principles and to live accordingly to those principles. It is a guide to assist us in shifting our perception and to re-discover our sight through eyes of love. Simply put, it is re-education for living.

Nothing external is secure and nothing physical ever lasts. This can be a scary thought, but it is only when we let go and remember our true state of love, nothing can bother us, harm us or alter us. Fear, judgment and uncertainty keep us bound. When we are able to release ourselves from these pre-occupations, we can learn to harness our God-given energy of compassion, faith, trust, knowing and certainty. We can then learn how to turn selfishness into selflessness, impatience into patience, insecurity into security, suspicion into trust and most importantly, anger into love.

Our true purpose is love, when we learn to remember this simple purpose, the mind then returns to its proper natural functioning state. We can then awaken our divine faculties and begin to live a life that is purposeful, fulfilling and peaceful. These tools and aids are re-educating us to live in our natural environment of love, the environment for which we were created.

In a day and age where our material wealth has exceeded our spiritual advancement, it is crucial to stop, listen carefully and remember what we are here for. Thinking through intellectual concepts has only gotten us so far, this book is an invitation to open up to our immaculate concepts. Now is the moment in time for mankind to get up, wake up and be the light of the world.

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