A Course In Miracles – Your Guide

Things to Know About A Course In Miracles by Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie

From the Preface:

This book was written for all students, present and future, who find A Course In Miracles difficult to absorb and apply. Choose to light and remember the fire that burns within you. Keep feeding the fire through your daily application of these positive statements. It will eventually flare up and your life will be ablaze with the fire of Light. Choose to remember your freedom, which lies in knowing the truth.

This is not just another book. It’s a book about you, your life and your relationships with yourself, each other and the planet. The blank spaces in this book are for “aha” moments of insight and reflection, as you travel inward to your natural home of Light. Let it become your daily bread of truth that will set you free.

Welcome home to your paradise of Light.

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