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Metatron: For the New Humanity, Channeled by Simone Focacci on 3 February 2016


“As I sat listening to Veronica speak I realized a calmness come over me. Every word she was saying resonated with the truth I felt deep within. I became aware that I was truly experiencing inner peace. She gave me the tools I needed to rediscover and learn inner peace.” -Lari Davis of Casitas Springs, California.

“I told my friends I met a woman who packaged ten years of Sufism into one weekend. She gave me back to me. Veronica took me back to where I belong. The miracle was meeting her.” -Neda Jardine of Santa Barbara, California.

“Veronica is the clearest spiritual teacher I have ever experienced. She made things I thought were beyond me, easy to understand. I felt light, beauty and love in her presence.” -Deborah Olson of Malibu, California.

“Veronica’s spiritual support has changed my life. The energy is so extraordinary that I come away from each retreat I attend with a renewed sense of Self and an elated connection to my source; feeling an even deeper level of peace. Veronica lives A Course in Miracles and God’s message comes through her and lights my path enabling me to know my function, and continue my journey of life with ease and grace. Thank you, Veronica!” -Candace Grube of Corona, California.

“Veronica’s commanding presence caused me to take a seat. I soon realized that something different was happening; this petite powerhouse from Trinidad was not merely quoting A Course in Miracles from memory (though she can flawlessly); she was actually speaking from the source of Consciousness.” -Jai Collins of Ojai, California.

“It is a bit of a challenge to describe Veronica’s work in so many words… it’s tough to do it justice! You have to experience it to know it. In my opinion, it is the quickest, surest and most painless way to grow very rapidly… to gently bring yourself back to your original perfect, pure, Spiritual blueprint, so to speak. Veronica has been committed to this spiritual path for nearly 30 years, and it shows. Her approach is so simple and pure that it has an instant and profound effect. After my sessions, I always feel like I have been effortlessly, expertly, lovingly and truly guided back to sanity.” -Zora Jokic of Ontario, Canada.


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